The National Grocers Association (NGA), along with other merchant organizations and payment systems stakeholders, raised concerns this year to both the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over Visa’s actions that were deployed as part of EMV migration upgrades. As you may recall, retailers began seeing new screens shown on PIN Pad terminals, often after EMV updates, that gave consumers the option to choose “Visa Debit” or “US Debit.”  Visa debit routed the transaction via Visa’s debit network, violating the Durbin Amendment that gave merchants the choice which network to route the transaction. Last week, NGA and other merchant trade groups sent a letter to Visa calling for the company to eliminate any operating rule that violates federal law. Visa’s response to NGA can be found HERE. Following an investigation by the FTC and a ruling by the Federal Reserve, Visa announced this week that it will no longer use EMV technology and rules to inhibit merchant routing choice. Click HERE to read more about Visa’s modified debit routing policies.