This was the first time the conference has been held in Corpus Christi, and brings together hundreds of retail leaders from across the state. Some of the topics being discussed at the forum include legislation and labor issues, but there is one topic people are eager to talk about.

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) — “Disaster relief and emergency preparedness is a big one, and it’s very topical where we are,” George Kelemen, Texas Retailers Association president said.

Kelemen says it’s important to discuss how Hurricane Harvey impacted the retail industry.

“The focus is going to be how the retail industry responded, how we were able to help with the recovery and relief in the areas that were impacted, and lessons learned,” Kelemen said.

Gary Huddleston, Texas Retailers Association food industry consultant, says Harvey has taught grocers to stock more product during disasters, get the store up and running and, “Number three is communicating with costumers and residents and who may have a challenge and not be open in the food industry.”

Huddleston says another thing retailers have to take into consideration is that the homes of employees can be impacted making a store short staffed.

“That’s another area that was a great learning opportunity for us during Hurricane Harvey, and that is the ability to staff the store after the hurricane and get it back in business,” he said.

The forum concludes on Monday.