How to Adapt Your Business Model to a Changing World

In an industry that saw a 15 percent drop in physical retail sales in 2015, one brand continues to grow profits. For the third year in a row, GameStop profits per store increased. The electronics retailer reported profits of $176,000 per store, on average, or nearly 15 percent for each of its more than 6,600 […]


“BAT would cost the average family up to $1,700 in the first year”

As chairman of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, Houston-area Republican U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady is leading efforts in Congress to make our nation’s outdated and overly complex tax code competitive in the global economy. Brady’s “Better Way” tax reform plan lives up to its name in many ways. It would eliminate most special-interest […]


In the Cart – May 2017 Compilation

TEXAS SNAP & WIC PROGRAM ANNUAL TRAINING REQUIREMENTS WIC Program Effective November 1, 2016, authorized WIC vendors are required to complete a WIC Training on a yearly basis.  The regulations are posted in WV Policy 8.0. A vendor must complete one of the three trainings in order to maintain contract compliance. Click here to access training information. […]


Tell Congress to Protect Debit Swipe Fee Reform!

We need your help to preserve debit swipe fee reforms. Please urge your Congressional Representative to oppose efforts by the big banks to repeal the debit swipe fee reforms, which would limit competition and double debit swipe fees for retailers. Repeal would cost our industry and our customers over $6 billion a year. In 2010, […]


Texas Retailers oppose Border Adjustment Tax

The Texas Retailers Association is leading a charge against the Boarder Adjustment Tax – a segment of the House GOP’s tax reform plan – arguing that the “ill-conceived effort” would hurt consumers and retailers. Thursday the group announced the official Texas launch of the Americans for Affordable Products coalition, a collection of more than 400 companies, groups and associations […]


Texas Retail Lobby Day 2017 – 85th Legislative Priorities

Texas Retail Lobby Day is Wednesday, March 29th. The Texas Retailers Association (TRA) has prepared legislative priorities for the 85th Texas Legislature.  Collectively, TRA represents more than 320,000 retail establishments and over 3.5 million jobs across the state. The association supports all levels of Texas retail including grocery stores, chains and single location small businesses. […]