2016 will be an important year, given that it is an election year, as well as the run-up to the 85th Texas Legislative Session. As we move into 2016, we will be evolving to focus on highlighting the impact of Texas retailers, as well as building collaborative partnerships to support retailer priorities. As such, we are proud to announce the formation of the Retail Advocacy Fund (RAF).  It will be critical that we continue emphasizing that retailers are engines of economic development for our state and communities, and additional funding is necessary to meet the need of telling the story of retailers.

We are asking for your support as we move into this new and critical time for our industry, to ensure that we have the tools needed to build the foundation for our success next session. The funding provided through the Retail Advocacy Fund will allow us to expand our reach to new potential members and partners at the state and local level, in addition to supporting the critical government affairs work of TRA.

How the RAF can help better position TRA:

·  Provide TRA with opportunities to meet with elected officials in their home districts to introduce our members and solidify that connection with their local retailers and retail industry.

·  Increase TRA’s ability to connect one-on-one with elected officials and their staff to promote the retail industry and educate them on our programs, benefits and key issues.

·  Keep our membership more closely informed, engaged and educated on developments in our industry while bringing the importance of Texas Retailers to the forefront of decision maker’s minds across the state.


Moving forward, we will continue to build on our past successes by identifying new opportunities where we can continue to spread the message of Texas retailers while strengthen existing partnerships.

Thank you to all that have supported the GAC in the past, both financially and with efforts in your community.  We sincerely hope you can participate and assist our industry in this important initiative. An option assessment has been added to your dues invoice.

Please understand that this is not a dues supplement and contributions to the Retail Advocacy Fund  do not replace regular dues or voluntary contributions to the TRAPAC. Contributions to the Retail Advocacy Fund are considered an additional assessment to support the indirect expenses (non-lobbying and non-PAC) related to the government affairs work of TRA.

If you have any questions or comments about the Retail Advocacy Fund  please feel free to contact Jim Sheer for more details at jsheer@txretailers.org or 512-472-8261. If you are ready to make a contribution, please use the form below.