In the Cart – December 2017 Compilation

Texas WIC Program Training Update As mentioned on the WIC Conference call recently held, all employees/clerks involved in processing Texas WIC transactions are required to successfully complete the WIC online training program annually. Please click here to directly link to the TX WIC web site and one of the training modules like Vendor Cashier Training that your employees can […]


In the Cart – September 2017 Compilation

WIC eWIC Software Update Version 4 (V4) Update (Conversion to X9.93 2008) The Texas WIC EBT Staff are working with Solutran and other Smartcard WIC states to develop standardized V4 capability. We anticipate these enhancements to be included in the new system, which is planned for early 2018. Texas and other Smartcard states will continue […]


Swipes Fees Hurt Retailers and Consumers

Texas is known for its friendliness, delicious food, honesty, and of course, that everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star State. The grocery industry is no different. Grocers invest in the communities they serve, ensuring quality and affordable food is readily available, while competing openly in a large industry every day to create […]


In the Cart: February 2017 Compilation

Here’s a compilation of some of the biggest stories affecting grocers for February 2017. New Rules from TX Department of State Health Services on Food Handlers Texas Food Establishment Rules adopted this past year (September 2016) have several new requirements for retail establishments. One of those areas of rule change is in article 228.33  (click […]

Food Deserts talk at Rice

Food Deserts: A National Concern

Recently TRA’s Joe Williams spoke to students of Rice University about a very important topic: Food Deserts. Joe’s been working with grocers across the nation for decades and has seen the impact a proper grocery store can have on a community. He also knows what can happen when fresh, healthy food isn’t readily available. We’ve […]


In the Cart: January 2017 Compilation

Menu Labeling Update NGA (National Grocers Association (NGA) reports in their January Newsletter that there is discussion of proposed new legislation to change current regulatory requirements for the FDA’s Menu Labeling regulation which is set to become effective May 5, 2017. Members of the House and Senate are expected to reintroduce legislation in the coming […]